Any Industrial Data

Industrial Data Acquisition

Use the full potential of your production with the AiD system.
System for the real-time industrial data acquisition and visualization.
Capture, visualize, analyze, and store data to help you take production one step further.

Data Loss Prevention

Data acquisition with reliable timestamps backed up even on the lowest level.

Web Interface

Responsive and intuitive user experience accessible from anywhere.

Cloud Solution

Data can be stored and processed locally, on a cloud, or on both for great application scaling and reliability.

Open Data Format

Export to many standard data formats is possible, direct access to the data of AiD systems is easily possible.
The AiD system involves data collection from the machines, transfer to a database, and evaluation using web visualization including export to open formats. The data is processed in a transactional way and everything is backed up starting at the lowest level, so there is no data loss in case of system maintenance or communication failures.

Why AiD?

Reliable data are the base for improving your technology. You can use it for checking the parameters of production, optimize your OEE or your energy consumption.
Analyzing OEE and production

You can analyze your data to see any delays and micro-stops in your production. Then you can focus on optimizing your process.

Technological parameters

In stored data it is possible to see parameters of the machine and if it is edited. Gain control about it.

Energy consumption

Monitor and optimize your electric energy consumption. With the data, you can optimize usage of energy in your plant.

Back-tracing parts

AiD stores production data (temperatures, pressure, ...) for every part produced. This part has unique ID, so each part can be back-tracked and you can see production data of the specific part. You can use it for example for reports to your customer.

Analyzing input materials

Since the AiD is monitoring consumption of any input material, you can analyze how much of this material is used for one product and optimize it.

From operators to directors

Visualization is useful for both the machine operator and the plant director. The operator can check the production parameters and the director has an overview of the production.