Ultrasonic leakage testing

Fast and reliable

Our technology utilizes properties of ultrasonic waves propagation to detect leakage in inspected objects. The detection is much faster and cheaper than using the pressure decay method, smoke check machines, spark coil technique, halogen leak detectors, or vacuum mass spectrometers. It is well suited for industrial mass production rather than for manual testing. The whole process of part clamping, sealing, and testing can be fully automated.

Examples of application

The ultrasonic method is suitable for testing
  • glued parts
  • welded parts
  • equipment assembly (tightened screws, plastic blind plug presence, ...)
  • sealed shapes fitting
  • partially sealed parts
  • inspection of delaminations in sandwich composite structures

How it works

To find the leak location, enough ultrasonic transmitters and receivers need to be placed around the test object. The transmitters are usually placed inside and the object under test is sealed. The testing process takes place in a soundproof chamber where receivers are placed around the suspected leak points. Within seconds, the test object is scanned and the result is displayed on the higher-level control system. The control system stores all the results into a database for later inspection and optimization. The system carries out regular self-checks.
We will be happy to demonstrate the test equipment to interested parties. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Upon agreement, we can come to perform ultrasonic leak testing directly on your samples.